Thursday, January 23, 2014


 iPhone pictures from the first day (that I conveniently forgot to upload along with part I, damn)

1. The sunset at the dinner place on the first night. I wasn't kidding about it being breathtakingly intense. Audible gasp, check. 

2. Overhead Singapore, bidding goodbye.

3. Yet another (almost) sunset at the Uluwatu Temples. And notice, the rainbow ring. So magical. 

4. Airplane essentials: A book with casual interesting photos thrown around haphazardly with insight captions by one of your favourite people make for life pondering in the plane all the more enjoyable. Finding a comfortable spot is difficult in a flight. I chose to put both my legs up on the sleeping boyfriend. Girlfriend points? Not much... Also, make sure your lips stay hydrated with lip balm. I love my Christmas gifted Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in 'Petal'. Super nice smelling and everything. 

5. So tempted to find a way to sneak to the amazing waves down shore. Probably will end up dead on the rocks if I did though. 

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