Monday, January 27, 2014


 (H&M faux fur, lace crop tee from Bugis Street, pants from Bangkok, Balenciaga cutout boots replica from Taobao)

Photos by Shalene with iPhone 5s and Kodak disposable camera

Hanging out with my favourite writer after school called for sunlight chasing, abusing the iPhone camera, latte drinking and hanging out at our favourite spot in school. Best way to celebrate the end of submissions if you ask me. Wore my current favourite basics that I can never get enough of. The boots are new, and I know... they're almost the exact replicas of the ever so popular Balenciaga cutout boots, but I swear I have searched high and low for an alternative. I wish I could invest in the real ones, but for that I would have to sell one of my kidneys. Possibly both. So I have to make do with these because I HAD TO HAVE IT. I would share the link but it is sold out now. And to the reader who requested for the links to my Taobao items, I will put it in a separate post soon.  

Also, click here if you're interested to read Shalene's literary works! Hope you'll enjoy it like I do. Her book is on the way. 

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