Monday, January 20, 2014


(Lace top from Bugis Street, Zara lace shorts, Nike sneakers, Zara inspired kimono)

Photos by Erman and I

Finally up with the Bali photo diary! This is just day 1, because I don't wanna overwhelm you guys with an overflow of pictures and believe me when I say there is A LOT. 

Anyway, day 1 was spent arriving at Bali and being kinda blinded in the eyes by the sun, roaming around the Uluwatu Temples filled with monkeys that might possibly snatch your necklace off, being all amazed at the vibrant shoreline and hills, a mini rainbow sighting near the "waterfall" at the Resort we were staying at and having a great seafood dinner with an intense sunset overhead at the beach accompanied by an acoustic band singing to couples on their honeymoon (like the type of scenarios you only see in movies!). I had to wear the purple cover-up at the temple for respect in case you were wondering. 

Sorry for rambling all in one sentence. I couldn't stop. More on my trip soon!

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