Friday, September 27, 2013


 (Thrifted leather camisole borrowed from Rebecca, Vintage Chanel-esque jacket by Grandma, random skater skirt from Far East Plaza, boots and bag from Taiwan)

Photos by Rebecca

Taking photos for the blog took to rain. And that's why I kinda used my jacket as shelter for awhile there. Also, got sidetracked halfway when a tourist stopped in his tracks to take photos of Rebecca taking photos of me. Kinda weird but glad to know we were involved in his trip here. Would be funny to know if he shows those photos to his family back home too. 

Anyway, shopping at Bugis Street that day proved rather unfruitful but at least I bought some stuff. All Rebecca went home with was a furry bear modeled beanie (which is really cute btw). Read it on her blog here.

P.s. Do you like it when I use the description of the place I shot at in detail as the title? I think it's cool. 

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