Monday, January 26, 2015


(Pictures taken from Tumblr, Pinterest, My Scandinavian Home)

I think throughout the years, my style inspires my taste in home decor, and vice versa. If I were to describe my ideal home style in one word, it would be 'Scandinavian'. Been saving up these visuals of scandinavian interiors from all around the web for awhile now, and it has finally coagulated itself into a interior post. 


White brick wall
Hard wood floors
Fur rugs
Linen fringe throws
Embroidered pillows
Black cord overhead lighting
Lounge chairs
Huge mirror placed on the floor
Raw wood dining table
Candles in every shape possible
Cute plants to hide at every corner
lots of natural light streaming in!

This is a mood board that I have put together, using some products from Modani. One of my favourite products is the Lina Safari rug. Super interesting with the different layers of texture and the mix of the various shades of cream. And I've always wanted a gigantic 'victorian' frame mirror to be placed on the floor against the wall, like above.

Modani's furniture seems perfect for the modern minimalist, with all of their neutral modern sofas.

Hope you enjoyed my temporary break from my hiatus! I will be back ;)

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