Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Beauty must haves.

Clockwise: Benefit blusher in Hervana, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal, Garnier Light B.B eye concealer, Benefit Gimme Brow, Maybelline Colorshow eye pencil, The Gnarly Whale beach waves spray in Thai Coconut, Kohl eyelash curler, Urban Outfitters Matte Topcoat, Maybelline Falsies mascara and Maybelline The Nudes eye shadow palette. 
1. After freshly stepping out of the shower, I squeeze excess water from my hair with a towel before liberally spraying choice of texturising spray into damp hair. 
2. Using the B.B concealer, dab it on the areas of the face you'd want to conceal. In my case, the pores of my nose, eye bags area, and any pimples/acne scars. Honestly, I hate using B.B cream all over my face because it feels like all my pores are blocked, and that pimples are slowly forming beneath the surface. 
3. So... I prefer to use powder foundation instead. I picked up Bare Minerals' Blemish Remedy foundation from Sephora in Chicago. I like the texture of powdered foundation, but that being said, I don't use it very liberally. Just a light layer should suffice. 

In terms of whether the blemish remedy works, I think it does help to a certain extent. Because I have noticed that I come home to smaller and less red blemishes. 
4. Step not shown: Eyebrows. I have not much expertise in this area, and as you can see from these extremely enlarged pictures, I do not groom my brows very well. Hehe oops. I was born with EXTREMELY sparse brows, and plucking them makes me feel like I'm losing what little I had. 

Also, I highly recommend using a brow gel. It's like mascara for your eyebrows. It defines the existing hairs and adds more colour as well. You're left with natural looking eyebrows, viola

5. Curl your eyelashes. If you have sparse and short eyelashes like mine, this device is your new best friend. Heat it up with a hairdryer before use if you want to skip the mascara and have curled lashes the whole day. 
Also, another tip when buying one of these is to look for ones with a spring. The one I'm using here doesn't have one because my previous one spoilt and I'm just using this for now. But yes, there is a difference!
6. Mascara the hell out of those lashes! I love Maybelline's false lashes because of its large bushy brush and ability to build up well. I may have also stocked up from Chicago. (So much cheaper!)
7. Natural eyeshadow palette needs neutral earthy tones to blend well with your skin. Since I do not see myself submitting to paying $83 for a Naked 2 palette just yet, this $12 version will do for now. Sadly this palette is not available in Singapore. *insert crying emoji* But you can pick up a similar one from NYX cosmetics.

I like using white to highlight the inner corners of the eyes for a fresh dewy eye look. I skip the liquid eyeliner and replace it with a line of taupe along the upper lash line. 
8. Moisturise your lips! I like the texture and more importantly, the taste of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Doesn't have the generic lip balm/lipstick taste that I really appreciate. I like 'Petal' for its light pink hue that compliments my lips, and 'Honey' to bring out a natural nude lip. 

One flaw is that it rubs off extremely easily. 

That's about it. Do ask me if you have any questions! Also, are there any products that you live by that you think I should try out? I would really like to know!!!

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