Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Finally found the time to upload the rest of the photos from Chicago. Okay, actually I had plenty of time after my final semester ended but I have been traveling a lot since then and settling University application stuff... It has been pretty hectic. 

I finally decided to properly utilise this space once again, in a proper well updated way. Been thinking of the different posts I could do, so I can maintain this blog in a way I hope will inspire me everyday. 

Being stuck in an inspiration rut has made me feel useless, and since the final semester ended, I have been feeling lost... But I bet everyone is going through that. Hopefully me updating this space can give me meaningful activities I can occupy my time with. 

Okay, back to Chicago. 

Tips for a Singaporean visiting the US for the first time:

Fashion & Beauty
1. Go to Urban Outfitters. You will not regret it. Knick-knacks aplenty. (OPEN A STORE IN SG PLEASE)
2. Stock up on drugstore makeup. Their drugstore brands' products are more diverse and not to mention cheaper.
3. Visit Sephora. There are more products available. If you like small samples of perfume you want to try out, they sell roller ball tubes of every perfume there.
4. Check out Barneys. For branded goods all in one location. Their Aesop stuff is cheaper than Singapore's.
5. Forever21 is super cheap and you will find great buys. You can skip H&M and Zara, pretty much the same stuff and about the same price.
6. You can get Victoria's Secret bras there. I've heard there was a series that could bump you up 2 cup sizes. You're welcome.
7. Prepare to spend at the Premium Outlets. I let a Calvin Klein jacket on sale slip away as I didn't prepare enough money but got a Fossil watch for $40 cheaper than its price in Singapore. 

1. Deep dish pizzas taste like a pie. Try once, and never get it again.
2. Best meal of the trip was Pho from a Vietnamese place at the Chinatown there. I think their chinese food has serious standard.
3. Get microwave food from their convenience stores/supermarkets. It tastes unexpectedly great. Oh and you can also get juice smoothies from anywhere, which I LOVE. Try out Green Machine and Strawberry Banana by Naked.
4.  I fell in love with Mexican food there. Best burrito was from a small Mexican stall at Oakwood Beach. What I wouldn't give for one right now!
5. Go crazy with sweets and chocolates. Plenty to choose from. My favourites are Reese's peanut butter cups and Sour Patch Kids. I'm lucky I didn't leave with diabetes. 

That's pretty much it for food... It didn't impress me much.

End Chicago Photo Diary. Now on to Seoul's! ;)

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