Tuesday, June 3, 2014


(H&M throwover and boots, Loui.g leather dress, Femmex necklace, Forever21 bag)

Outside the AFF tent, a very popular choice for outfit shots apparently. The pink + black palette from the previous night's Exhibit show rubbed off on me when I was deciding what to wear. 
Leather bags by Roberta Pieri. To summarise: Longchamp silhouette + more vibrant Goyard prints. Was only mildly intrigued with the backpack version and the clothes.
With ZeiKei at the Superspace store opening. She was so adorably dressed in a neon green PVC plastic skirt complete with Mickey Mouse headgear.
Best and most wearable rack. Photobombed by awesome hair and Minnie Mouse bow.
I swear these accessories can kill.
Josiah. Polaroid camera enthusiast.
Theodore. Gabby. Me. Thank you for the impromptu invite to the store opening guys!
Enough said.
Leather elf backpack. 
I think this is a tradition for everyone attending AFF shows.
An amazingly clean contrast AW14 show from Thomas Tait, focusing on structure and a lot of primary colours. Loving the coat, striped pajama top and that holographic green-red dress hugging the body. The fast paced power walk complimented with aggressive stares made for the ultimate viewing pleasure. 
What I truly loved about Audi fashion festival was the ability to randomly get seated next to a prospective friend. Jacquii is an Australian fashion blogger on CoutureCaddy and I had a lovely conversation with her while waiting for Thomas Tait's show to start. She was specially flown over to Singapore by Audi just to attend AFF. It's so exciting to meet a new friend, especially one who lives in a country I admire so much, and I couldn't stop talking to her about everything. Pity we only met each other so late into her stay in Singapore.

That's about it for my first Audi Fashion Festival experience! Hopefully I get to attend future ones, and others like Fide and Digital fashion week. The adrenaline is completely addictive.

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