Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Wearing Mum's taupe dress, faux fur bag from Taobao, leopard boots from Forever21. Pretty much picked out the colours from the Naked basic palette. My tip if you don't know what to wear: raid mum's closet. She will always have something, and in my case, a dress in the most perfect shade of taupe.
The stairs proved to be the most perilous subject of the night. Climbing up wasn't so much a problem as coming down. Almost plummeted to my death if it wasn't for Erman heroically catching me from below. It induced gasps from the watching audience who then clapped and said "Great catch!" Yes, it was a little dramatic. 
I love to customize my Magnums, because no one else has invented an ice cream with all my favourite stuff on it. Pixie dust and silver surprise are sure win toppings, and the same goes for naming nail polishes. 
Happy girls with our customised Magnums. Vera <. Desiree >.
Accessories made of chocolate for the fashion show of the night. I kid you not. 
1kg worth of melted chocolate. I need not expand on this. 
Selfies with Desiree!
 And Fiona
The latest in Magnum's new flavours, Magnum Marc de Champagne. And it is silver coated. Great stuff. And the flash seriously made my skin look flawless. 
Mirror shot with Tris
And happy 25th birthday Magnum!

So grateful to have been part of this impressive evening at Avalon! Magnum really went all out for this. Open bar with chocolate martinis (so darn good), overflow of Magnums everywhere (brought around by servers, stocked fridges placed all around, customised...), super delicious canap├ęs that we all couldn't stop eating. I know all I have mentioned are food items but seriously though, the party was really great. Thank you for the wonderful evening Magnum!

Do continue to support Magnum by dropping by their new Magnum Pleasure store near Fullerton Bay Hotel. I promise you'd have a great time customising your own Magnums ;)

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