Tuesday, April 29, 2014


(H&M bikini, Bali bohemian tasseled dress, H&M sunglasses)

Photos by Erman

The Bali trip apparently wasn't enough to fulfill my beach lustings so when some of my friends suggested a Sentosa trip, I was quick to nod my head. Something about the sun, sand, sea and the idea of a carefree day rolling about and getting tanned is just so appealing. I think Australia's laid-back lifestyle and enviable beach culture, as mentioned in the Spring issue of H&M magazine, is really starting to catch on to me. I could think of no better way of spending a weekend.

The Aussie culture is starting to impact my wardrobe as well. I can see myself only reaching for the looser and flow-ier silhouettes and I no longer seek out my boots as much as my sandals. 

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