Thursday, April 24, 2014


(Forever21 tribal scarf print dress, Taobao leopard bag, Taipei boots, Asos stone necklace)

Photos by Erman

My bohemian side called out to me when I saw this dress. The tribal print reminded me of the rugs I once saw in a vintage Indian furniture shop. The scarf-likeness from the hem made me grab the dress to the counter to pay at once, without even trying it on. Made for a very comfortable outfit for roller coaster riding. Fell back into obsession with this pair of sunglasses because Alexandra Agoston wears it so freaking perfectly and all the time. Ultimate girl crush of the moment. 

And I would like to apologise for my disappearance from this space and also attempt at an explanation that I hope you guys will not think is an excuse. My Photoshop has been facing some difficulties for a LONG period of time in producing quality photos whenever I resize them. It is still unfixed currently because apparently I seem to be the only one in the world who is facing this problem. (Google has nothing, I checked.) I already found a way to save my quality through Blogger but if anyone has a solution, I would appreciate your help greatly! You can leave a comment or write it on my AskFM. Thank you!

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