Saturday, May 3, 2014


Outfit details: Thrifted shades, tropical print jumpsuit from Taobao, necklace from Bali, H&M and Lovisa rings

Photos by Fendi Yasuda 

It was about time I did a shoot with Fendi, because it seems like all we could talk about whenever we pass by each other in school. It hit me that I probably should when I was thoroughly inspired by Wildfox's Lagoon lookbook and wanted to recreate the whole stranded-on-a-wild-island look. So I did it with Shalini and we shot at East Coast Park. Funny how I never really saw the ever-congested beach side park as a lookbook shoot location. 

Mixed with a little bit of Coachella feels, it was hard not to enjoy the process of the shoot especially with Fendi. I hope you enjoy the pictures! You can view more of his work on his Facebook page (support him by liking his page) or on his website. I would love to hear what you think of this lookbook and perhaps some suggestions on what the next shoot's theme should be! Leave them in the comments or on my AskFM

More of this shoot's pictures coming soon.

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