Saturday, February 1, 2014


And so, day 2 of my Bali trip is up. Spent most of it lazing around the pool area after a hefty buffet breakfast so in another sense, nursing the food baby in calm waters. Which led to, of course, terrible sunburns. Yes, we were all aching and yelping whenever someone touched the red spots. Made sitting in the mini family tour bus (squished, I might add) and lounging on leather couches impossible.

We then went to explore the nearby neighbourhood after the swimming session, well in search for ice cream and sacred ancient temples (not quite, but we can pretend huh?). Cheapest Magnums ever. We then fled from the forest-y area soon after some shots and Erman informing me in horror that he saw 2 large mosquitoes leeching onto his arm and he was pretty convinced a flock of them might end him. 

  • Never get bored of gorgeous sunsets
  • You can wear your $5 slippers with whichever garment you brought and not get judged
  • Coconuts grow to the size of your head
  • DO NOT put lipgloss in the bag that is heading towards the beach
  • Bring mosquito repellent (and spam)
  • Pineapples are of absolute abundance
  • Houseflies are relentless

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