Wednesday, December 25, 2013


 (H&M dress, denim shirt from Far East, cutout shoes from Taobao)

Photos by Erman

Sorry for the lack of updates recently... I've really been swamped. These were taken sometime ago actually, when erman and I decided to rekindle our childish sides and watch Disney's Frozen. It's not too bad but not that great either. But I loved the talking snowman. Ain't a Disney film without talking inanimate objects. We then proceeded to have some amazing ramen at Ramen Champion. Comparable to the ones in Japan, I swear! Do try it, I think the awesome one was called the Hokkaido Special. 

Wore my lace bralette inside this dress because it created a lace trim effect. Tied some denim around my waist because you don't always have to use plaid. Funny how my nail polish is named 'Denim Dash'. Appropriate much?

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  1. hi naomi, if u don't mind, can u share the links to the taobao sellers which u purchased all your inspired shoes from?? thanks!!