Tuesday, October 15, 2013


(Zara snake print top, Zara inspired skorts, Nickelrow sandals, bag from Taipei, Rubi sunglasses, Forever21 necklace)

Photos by Rebecca

Taken sometime ago just outside of Wheelock where the sunlight hit perfectly. Borrowed (as in take without asking) this snake print top from my mother's closet because of the wonderful flares at the sleeves and because the print was too good to pass up. I think it was supposedly a dress but it was too sheer and I couldn't find anything to layer underneath. A shame though, it would make a good dress. 

Thought to counter wispy with structured so the skort it was. The sandals were revived finally, with some strong shoe glue aid I might add. Glad to be re-loving items once again. Also glad to be loving new things, such as animalistic prints. Snake and leopard are already crossed off my "to-experiment-with" list. 

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