Sunday, August 11, 2013


 (Frilled camisole top from Roseateposy, H&M triangle bra, H&M leather shorts)

Photos by Erman

Please pardon the grainy photos.. and the wet hair. Was halfway in the midst of preparing to head out for dinner when I realised that the sun was already descending. These shots are ones of panic essentially. Furiously tackling the hair dryer may have been the scene before all this composedness. 

 Have been searching for the perfect wispy (I use 'wispy' way too much) camisole for quite some time already. But places like H&M and Zara sold them really expensive which I figured wasn't worth it for basically thin pieces of cloth. So when I chanced upon this one on Roseateposy, I was so thrilled. It comes in black too but you already know I would get the white in a heartbeat. Plus the 'laced-up' back was too good of a detail to pass. Now I'm proclaiming I am no longer allergic to feminine fluttery-ness because this just changed my mind. Wore it out for dinner with my leather jacket and trusty ol' boots.  

At Roseateposy I guarantee you can find something you like because of their endless options. It was so mind-boggling for me to just choose a few pieces because I basically had to have everything. Make sure you check out their white eyelet dress, lasercut lace shorts, floral snapbacks, sheer biker jackets (great for layering in hot weather) and their lace dresses. Follow them on instagram for more visuals and their updates!

I got the lazercut lace shorts too, can't wait to show them to you!

p.s. Thank you Jocelyn for the items!!

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