Sunday, August 11, 2013


2 days ago, celebrating the nation's birthday with latte and not shown truffle fries at Nine Thirty. Made a dash for the window seat for 2 and had a pretty awesome study date with myself and Communication Issues notes plus Harper's Bazaar. Probably asked for ice water refills at least ten times. Not very smart of them to give me a glass that was close to a shot size one. And as usual, got bored and resorted to taking random pictures in the shop. 

1. Counter + display case at Nine Thirty/Awfully Chocolate
2. My favourite page in August's Harper's Bazaar with SooJoo in the 70's theme spread so innocently done with soft coloured styling
3. How cute are the chocolate milk bottles?
4. My latte hit with lovely sunlight from the window; something about sugar cubes just gets me

Anyway, I figured it was about time for me to unlock the mobile version of this site. Is it only my phone that is enlarging the page way more than it should? But I really hate the mobile version for when I swipe it to the side, it would go back to the previous page.. Am I the only one on this? 

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