Thursday, August 15, 2013


 (DIY cropped plain top, H&M lace skirt, plaid shirt from Far East, chunky platforms from City Plaza, Forever 21 necklace, The Row inspired bucket bag from Taipei)

Photos by Nicole and Chris

Welcoming autumn/winter vibes with an ode to the 90's while being appropriate for Singapore's non-cold climate. Inspired by Zara A/W campaign (here!) with plaid and delicate lace. But my version was white and cream instead of the dark grunge in the campaign (not surprising). It feels more me.

Finally got a hold of this H&M skirt, that I've been lusting after for quite some time. It was on sale for only SGD 15 bucks! But to be honest, I was quite disappointed with it when I tried it on at home. The inner layer was protruding behind the lace too much to be liked. Guess it was my mistake not to try it on first. Maybe I should take a knife at it, see if I like it better then. I thought I lost this cropped top but I was glad to see it buried deep in my closet. So glad I could revive it again. 

And most upsetting thing just hit me last night when I was surfing the Zara app... The cutout boots I wanted was GONE. It was most similar to the ever so rad Balenciaga cut-out boots and it is now GONE. Any alternative suggestions as to where I can get similar type boots? And no, I do not really like the Jeffery Campbell ones, I'm sorry. The buckles are too sharp and pointy on those. 

Sigh... I guess the Zara boots and I weren't meant to be. They were gorgeous, I promise you.

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