Friday, June 21, 2013


This is not a sponsored post

My latest addition to daily essentials: Lucido-l's Designing Whip Hair Foam in Clear Wave

I've always wanted Rumi's flawless beach hair but I have sickening straight flat hair so recently I decided to try out a product for it. I think the consistency for this product is rather good, it won't make your hair all sticky and everything. But all it kinda does is enhance the texture and volume of your hair by a little. I don't exactly get the curls I want but it does boost volume. For less than $10, it's pretty alright. 

How I prepare my hair in the morning is pretty simple. I have damp hair after I bathe in the morning and that helps the product. I apply a golf-ball size amount onto the tips of my hair and then a little more to the roots of my hair. I scrunch them up with my fingers, making them airy and springy. Then I tie my hair into a cable-tied bun for ride to school, and release when I reach! 

You can purchase the product here & here

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