Thursday, June 20, 2013


 (Thrifted denim bomber, gifted white tank, TheScarletRoom white geometric skirt, H&M nude bag, H&M sunglasses, Charles & Keith boots)

Photos: Erman Lim

Photos from our anniversary day at the S.E.A Aquarium the other day, finally! Wore the most perfect geometric skirt (my replacement for the all-over-every-online-site Zara skort) from The Scarlet Room because I was waiting so long to get it and even longer for the perfect occasion to wear to. Ultra love for the functional pockets. Ever had those kind of bottoms that had fake pockets? Yeah I'm pretty sure they are the most redundant things ever. But I'm kinda sad this skirt kinda sits a little too tight. I really got to get better at the estimating thing especially since I'm hooked to Taobao now.

The aquarium was fun, but it might be boring to those who aren't nerds like Erman and I. Did I ever mention that I've once wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was little? Most uncool kid's ambition ever. Inspiration hit from that Japanese cartoon with the girl and the killer whale. Anyway, favourite segments were the dolphins (even though they were show-offs and their enclosure was very big with very tiny fitted windows, making it very difficult to spot), the jellyfishes, the moray eels (too bad the aquarium for that was so puny) and that HUGE display that was raved about a lot. It was nice, to be able to sit and watch the marine animals swim and eat our peanut butter cups and wow-ing whenever the colossal manta ray swims by the glass. 

Happy anniversary love :) Thanks for always being there and always being so supportive especially for this blog. Could not do anything without you <3

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