Monday, June 24, 2013


(H&M double material knit, vintage olive skirt, Lovisa circle necklace, lace up boots from Taiwan)

Photos by Erman Lim

Been sinking back to a black phase and it made me dig out this knit again. Thought maybe I'll throw in a military skirt and some boots to complete the formula. 

Braved some high in PSI haze that day so I could meet up with love because we haven't been on another date since our anniversary. But I think the haze kinda contributed to the effect of the photos here, which was surprisingly..nice. Ended the day with Monster's University (how cute is character Squishy?!) and a sushi buffet that left us bursting out in spontaneously laughter trying to figure out how to get rid the leftovers we couldn't finish. Won't reveal our solution because I'm not particularly proud of what we did...haha

Hope everyone in tertiary is having a good first day of school! Brace yourselves for hell week.

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