Monday, April 15, 2013


photos by Erman and I

So sorry for all the photo vomit, I  am just so excited to share my first fashion event experience with you guys! Decided to go with a nude dress with a cute triangle cut-out from The Editor's Market under my sheer sleeved blazer, very pastel which is unlike me but I toned it down with silver and black accessories. Was treated to a ride around town in the very fancy and bright pink style bus, which was rather interesting I must say. This was followed up by a gorgeous fashion show right in the middle of Raffles City the mall, showcasing all of Spring's latest and biggest trends. So in love with all the  monochrome looks, the alluring yet subdued floral prints, silver embellishments, embossed textures and sheer silhouettes. My favourite look is the feminine nude dress with the sheer skirt with floral ruffles over a black volumed skirt. It reminds me of a ballerina dress that is oh-so intensified yet dampened, and who can resist the sheer neckline and skirt overlay? All the outfits can be found sold in Raffles City.

Got the honour of meeting Desiree Liew from Decadent Drama, and I was struggling not to go all fan-girl on her. So glad to have met and talked to the other people there as well, including Nicole, who is interning at Style magazine, Trishna and Gagandeep from design at Temasek Poly (amazing styles too!). Hope to be blogging more about such events. Thank you Style magazine and Terence Choo from stylexstyle for the invitation! 

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  1. gosh! just read yr post! glad to have met u as well! x