Saturday, April 20, 2013


 (H&M blue bikini, white lace dress from Bugis, Cotton On beige knit, off-white skirt from Bangkok, 3.1 Phillip Lim inspired silver sandals from nickelrow, thrifted brown cuffs, handwoven bag from Bintan)

Photos by Erman Lim

So this is part two of my Sentosa trip before the holidays. I apologize for posting this so late, I've been so caught up with work and school and everything related. I initially wanted to separate this post into two but decided not to. After all, I don't think me in a bikini substantiates as a real outfit post. I really love having homogenous coloured outfits and this beige on beige ensemble kinda just happened on instinct impulses. It saddens me to know that the skirt is more of a cream/beige than a white though. But I think I solved it by ordering this Scarlet Room geometric skirt. It's similar to the Zara one but I figured it's less diaper resembling and for 50% the price, I'm sold.

Blogging about the beach is making me so jealous of people in Coachella right now. Get inspired by Coachella snapshots on Style and Lookbook!

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