Thursday, April 25, 2013


 (Sheer sleeved blazer and high neckline off white top, both from Bangkok, Uniqlo denim shorts, chunky buckle platforms from City Plaza, H&M rings)

Photos by Sharlene

Finally found some time to put up this long overdue post, which is like a week late. I'm so sorry. I do hope you enjoy the visuals though because I personally think they are shot amazingly in the talented hands of my secondary school friend, Sharlene! Thank you if you're reading ;) 

The sun that day was perfect and I couldn't help but notice this platform in the middle of nowhere that seemed to be getting all the attention from the sunlight. Naturally, I was lured in. And I'm so glad I was because I really love pictures with strong sun flare. It's like an addiction or fetish to me. Decided on very simple basics that day, and dressed it up with a wispy blazer (which sheer sleeves I love but it kinda limits me to sleeveless) and chunky platforms. Been awhile since those surfaced on this space.

Anyway, I am currently incredibly busy juggling with piles of school work and it's getting really tough to find the time for anything. Also my sleep, work life and social life are in the midst of competition. I think it's safe to say sleep is losing. However, do follow me on Instagram (username: Naiyoumee) because I do update rather frequently and you can feed on my daily visuals of inspiration or whatever I'm up to there if you'd like!

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