Monday, April 1, 2013


 (DIY hacked-off dress from Far East, vintage olive skirt, hand-knitted sling from Bintan, black minimal sandals from an online store [which I forgot], H&M rings)

Photos by Cheryl

A little sunny adventure Cheryl and I had around my neighborhood whilst searching for some little hidden spots to snap blog shoots the other day. The sun was so incredibly fierce that day, it was crazy sweating, panting and cursing all together. (But we did have some time to cool down with iced coffees) And if I remembered right, it rained heavily that very same day. The weather has officially gone mad.

Inspired by the H&M conscious collection, I busted out my vintage olive skirt in hopes of reviving it again. Picked out some hacked off dress to top that has a bit of an asymmetrical hem and some minimal sandals, which I am obsessed with these days. Can't seem to picture an outfit without it. Chunky heels + free-to-wiggle toes = perfect Spring footwear. And also, my bohemian little sling has finally seen some light after being cooped up for a year, that poor thing. I really need to set some priorities for my selection of accessories. 


  1. I like the rings and the ombre hair!!
    so lovely!