Monday, March 4, 2013


 (Far East bucket bag, Loui.g leather shift dress, Charles & Keith boots, GUESS watch, Lovisa circle necklace)

Photos by Rebecca

I wanted to post up my leather dress for quite awhile now but finally got the opportunity to snap photos of it on Sunday when getting drinks with the girls. Food at Timbre was pretty good, but the service really sucked. To a point where I had to get off my seat to get my own bill and the change. Wouldn't really go there a second time since I finally know what a calzone is and what it tastes like, plus the menu is on the pricey side. (We didn't get the duck pizza which everyone keeps raving about, don't hate me.) 

Went fully black and fully leather that day and I gotta admit, I felt pretty bad-ass. Totally in love with the comfort level of the leather shift dress from Loui.g though it can get a little hot sometimes. But highly recommended for anyone who doesn't sweat easily or lives in a slightly less humid climate! On sale here. And what do you think of my newly chopped hair? Personally, I'm totally loving my new locks for a few reasons; no more split ends, I can finger comb through without struggling and yelping in pain every few seconds and I save a bit of shampoo. I kid about the last one by the way. Now I'm thinking of re-bleaching the tips. Hmm...

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