Friday, March 1, 2013


Photos by Me, Jaslyn, Erman et al.

If you're wondering where I had run off to for 4 days, it is to a small getaway to a chalet near the coast of Changi beach Singapore. Although the weather kinda sucked and I was sick for most of the time (now recuperating), it was fun. Just a mini vacation I wanted. Days were spent waking up late, barbecuing for two nights straight, ordering in, sleeping on mattresses, swimming in terrible pool water, attempting at cheerleading stances in the pool and then followed by a series of falling off people's shoulders, watching a total of fourteen movies (I'm not sure, but who's counting anyway), and discovering the beach that was not more than ten meters away from our unit. And the mini garden sub yard was really cute too. 

 If you ever want somewhere that can house at least ten people for a mini gathering/get together, you should consider NSRCC at Changi. Just make sure you pack a lot of food including instant noodles because there aren't many restaurants/cafe options around. The nearest one is at least an hour walk away. I wouldn't recommend more than two nights actually. It got pretty boring and plus the area was quite secluded. But with the right company, it can be pretty awesome.

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