Saturday, February 23, 2013


 (Cotton body aztec bikini top, H&M black bikini bottom, Uniqlo white oversized tee)

Photos by Rebecca 

Happy holidays! Finally, this stressful project-filled semester is done with. Had a post-exam celebration with the girls at the pool when the sun finally showed some mercy after what seemed like weeks of gloom and supposed monsoon weather. It was the mini vacation we all wanted and needed after the grueling school semester and it felt like a tropical getaway, even if it was just for a few hours. 
Sorry this is not really much of an outfit/travel post of any sort, but I hope you enjoy the visuals!

Some activities I have in mind this holidays: Shoot more outfit posts for this space; I'll be discussing some plans for a mini project with Erman, finding a part-time job, having more beach related activities (I'm coming for you Sentosa!), swim and work out for bikini season and just embrace Spring in its wholeness. 

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