Friday, December 21, 2012

Yilan Photo Diary

Yilan is a part of a country side area in Taiwan. It is kind of like a hot spring village that is pretty rural, but really pretty. These photos are from the first 2 and a half days in Taiwan. I know there's a lot of visual vomit going on but the scenery is just simply too breathtaking. The weather was really nice too. It's like walking in air-condition everywhere you go and it's a nice change from Singapore's humidity. 
It was great to have taken a break from a busy life and just relax in a countryside, even if it was just for 2 days. It felt like a week. Things I've noticed: They like to cook their seafood with garlic alone a lot. I had like four dishes of the kind. And mountains were everywhere as you can see from the photos above. A lot of vast spaces too, makes the sky even bigger than usual which made me feel like running and jumping and shouting everywhere. The fields of weed was no help either. Thank god I have my imagination to prevent me from doing something as crazy as that. And have you ever swam in a heated swimming pool in cold weather before? I had that luxury for 2 nights. Amazing. 
 Now I'm going to go make tangyuan with my family. Taipei photo diary will be up tomorrow!

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