Friday, December 21, 2012

Taipei Photo Diary

Huge Starbucks in a nice homely brick finish. 
 And now we enter the city part of my holiday. It became surprisingly colder when we were at Taipei. I was freezing my butt off at the beachside because the drafts were really deadly. Sweater layered with a dress underneath was no help insulation wise, causing me to borrow my mum's coat in defeat. The wooly socks helped though.
Shopping in Taipei was not that well because everything is priced quite high and the shoes were on repeat everywhere, like all the shops got them from the same supplier. Led to very limited shoe choices. I didn't get much from Xi Men Ding as I hoped I would, except boots that was a really good deal. I needed to replace my old boots anyway. I did however, manage to get a backpack inspired by The Row's alligator backpack and a grey tweed skirt (the last 2 photos) from a night market. What intrigued me most in Taipei was the metro chips. They use poker like chips to tap into the subway and drop into the machine when you exit, pretty cute I might say.

Other news, I'll be moving to a new house soon. Like really soon. Like end of this year soon. And there's hopes we might be getting a golden retriever. Yay, I've always wanted a big dog.
Hope everyone is having a good holiday.

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