Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caught my eye

Just some awesome stuff that caught my eye whilst I was polyvore-ing the other day. The cable knit that doesn't look at all like cable knit threw me off because the intricate detailing looks amazing. The curved hem, the perfectly engineered gaps that look like it is connected via a fish net of some sort inside the sweater.
Lanvin wedges... I need you in my life now. Love the fact that the wedge is wooden. Gives it a clean edge in ways I can't really fathom nor explain.
Mini skirts. I have a thing for tweed now. Just bought a grey one from Taipei. The leather one is just expected, come on.
Alexander wang; the dress - sheer-esque top that looks that a small mens tee with sleeves rolled up with a bottom part looking all feminine with the wispiness and the asymmetrical hem (I love 'em drapey). Paired with the perfect suede cut out boots in taupe-ish off white. Double thumbs up.

Anyway, I had this post stored up for awhile now. I have other things that are on my mind currently. Tomorrow I would have a whole day to myself and I'm thinking of waking up as early/late as I want, head out to the mall and get the Charles and Keith boots I've been lusting for quite awhile now (can't seem to find an appropriate replacement), do some mundane grocery shopping - need toothpaste and shampoo, get home and work on christmas cards. Maybe make a Christmas playlist for work on Sunday. Sounds like a delightful friday to me.

P.s, I would do all these with Erman but he's off holidaying in Bangkok right now. Won't be back till Christmas eve. I hope he's miserable without me, hehe.

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