Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shooting stars

 (Gold collar-tip shirt, Vintage denim mini, Cotton On watch, Cross bracelet (gifted), white platforms)

I'm sorry for taking such a long break. I recently contacted with some viruses that nearly landed me in the hospital. It was pretty brutal, results of which I'm not quite willing to discuss. But anyway, I shot these last week with Cheryl while we were on our Starbucks fix. 

This marks the first time I've ever presented these shoes on this space, but yeah. They're new and they're kinda like the higher cut version of conventional creepers. I love them. They work like high tops and give me enough inches away from the ground. Have to admit that I have a soft spot for having my feet at least 3 inches away. Wellington boots for my lifetime. A relatively simple outfit for a relatively simple day.

I would be leaving Singapore for Taiwan in a few hours! Excited and now I am trying to finish up on transferring movies into my iTouch as well as catching up on assignments I neglected due to my terrible body system this week. May everyone stay healthy.

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