Monday, November 5, 2012

You my small sparkle

 1. Me the next day I had my tips dyed and was preparing to head out. I still wasn't too sure then. Allegations of raccoon's fur & lion's mane still stuck, but I think it's rad. 

2. Looks like promising sleepwear. And sweater dress type thing.

3. Bras I've always wanted to try. Looks so damn comfy. None of that unmerciful underwire crap to leave it's pink marks after a long day.

4. Clearly in need of more sweaters

5. The bikini. High collared? Enough said.  

I'm pretty upset tonight. My long awaited boots that i've been waiting so patiently for arrived today and they are way too small. Tried and tested. Wore them out for dessert at Max Brenner with the family and I was squirming my feet the entire time, trying to squish my heels as far back as possible so my toes could breathe. To no avail of course. Size 39? Try 37.
 E-mailed the webstore to see what could be done. Fingers crossed X. 

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