Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little 17

Happy 17th birthday to me! I was wearing my favorite vintage shirt, white pleather skirt and black booties. These are the shoes that fit 2 sizes smaller for me. I am really upset because of this. I was stupid enough to wear it on the day of a photography assignment at Botanical Gardens and was limping throughout. Been looking for substitude ankle booties and found the perfect one at Charles & Keith today. Too bad it was way out of my budget. Anyway, I shall talk a little less about clothes in this post but more on my birthday I guess. 

Thank you so much to Cheryl, Erika, Shalini and Rebecca who celebrated for me at Gastronomia (Botanical Gardens)! It was such a nice time to celebrate together with you guys! Certainly a time I will never forget! Love you girls.

Thank you to Claudia, my bestie, for calling at exactly 12am just to wish me! I love you.

Thank you to my family for taking me to Max Brenner to try their delicious chocolate based desserts. 

Thank you to my cell members who bought me the most rad bracelet x ring from Lovisa! I love it, and it will be up here soon.

Thank you to my brother who bought black pepper crab cup noodles for me to try as well as an amazing circle necklace which I absolutely adore.

Thank you to EVERYONE who wished me on all the social media platforms I'm on. As well as all my friends who messaged me!

And lastly, a HUGE thank you to the beloved boyfriend. For surprising me at midnight with breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausages, french toast & bacon; yums), a GUESS watch that I wore in the photos above, writing me 4 cheesy and lovely letters, the lot of junk food and taking me to the night safari. I'm so so so lucky. Love you Erman :)

And just for a little treat, here's a crazy photo of me in my natural state of being. 
Photos courtesy of Cheryl.

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