Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black keys

 Mesh shirt; Vintage | Topshop toga | Chunky platforms; City Plaza | Foldover clutch; Online | Gold circle Lovisa necklace

Inside shots induced blurry photos, I apologise. Singapore is being really temperamental with weather these days and the clear weather seen in the first two photos actually lasted only for a little while. The rest of the night was spent in gloom. So Erman and I chose to shoot inside Esplanade mrt instead, which was okay I guess. The gray tiles make my black ensemble pop more.

I love this mesh button down that my mum passed on to me. It's so amazing for layering and it doesn't hurt heat wise. Paired with the Topshop toga that Fiona gave to me, during one of those clothes exchanges we had. Thanks Fiona!

I bought this Lovisa necklace whilst finding costume essentials for Scarefest. I've been eyeing it for awhile and I'm glad I finally got around to buy it. It's so minimal and I don't think it's going to be leaving my neck anytime soon. 

Anyway, we went to the esplanade to support our friend Terry who performed in a chinese orchestra concert. The twist? It was K-pop themed. Needless to say, gangnam style was played and Terry did the honors of impersonating Psy. Pretty much the highlight of the concert. 

(Photos by Erman)

P.s. I finally got to try out Swee Choon (egg custard buns!) (terrible mango pomelo) and toffee nut latte is the bomb of Christmas drinks. 

P.p.s. I like taking pictures of weird stuff like poles in the first photo. Pleased with the way it turned out so nicely lopsided and distorted in a sense.

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