Friday, November 2, 2012

Scarefest 2012

My first ever Halloween celebration. I think it was kinda lame for the queue into the haunted house was insane and I was half expecting some music and dancing going on like a real party. But anyhow, we busted and went to island creamery for ice cream fix instead. Ohh and I didn't manage to find wings, so I went with 'Wood nymph'.
Highlights: The long attempt of curling my hair with a curling iron in the morning that caused me to be late for class, piling on every silver ring that I have, the strenuous process putting on these ridiculous falsies, allowing random strangers to touch my eyelashes, sitting down like hippies drawing sketches of Rebecca the goth, iced cafe latte and joking over how Firdaus looked like a broken condom/used tampon. He had on a white tablecloth with a whole for his face and some fake blood spilled all over. Other photos can be found on my Facebook!

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