Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mafia wars

 (H&M black sweater | Black shorts; BKK | Round shades; goldbarx | Outdoor backpack | Chunky wedges; City Plaza)

I really like the tips. At first, I wasn't quite convinced but after this black ensemble, yes I am. All photos are shot with the iPhone. I was kinda lazy to bring my 600D out so the iPhone it is! I was kinda amazed at how good the photos came out. But that I have the boyfriend to thank I guess. 

I'm loving this $13 sweater I picked up at h&m. It's not fully a knit per se, but more of a silk shirt hybrid. It's sheer and asymmetrical at the back but fully opaque in front. Amazing thing really but doesn't do a very good job in keeping warm, which is good in Singapore. Got it oversized to balance out miniscule skirts and shorts. 

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