Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summertime blazer

Forgive me for there is only one full body photo today. We were kind of in a rush to finish shopping and the lighting inside was not good so most of the pictures came out unsatisfactory. I bought this blazer in Bangkok on my trip recently and this is only it's second time out. I love the hawaiian prints on the cuff of the sleeves but the thing I couldn't stand was the cutting of the shoulders. I do regard my shoulders as broad, in a good way but this blazer makes me look too manly in my opinion. So, I gave it to Cheryl! (Well, sold it 'cause she refused to take it for free) 
Anyway, you guys have got to try L.E.N.A.S by MOF at Bugis Junction/NEX. The food is really good especially the desert! Must try the bacon and mushroom pasta with cream sauce. The cream sauce was so creamy but it didn't make me sick of it, which other cream sauces usually would. And oh my, the brownie we had was SO good. There isn't a picture because we were too busy digging into it already. My instagram (@Naiyoumee) has it though! 
A great day spent. 

White blazer: BKK | White tank: Bintan | Vintage Jeans: My mum's Armani | Chunky platforms: City Plaza | Inspired PS bag: FEP | Gold watch: Cotton On

P.s: Didn't put it on Lookbook because I didn't really like the quality of the pictures. Not going to be taking anymore indoor shots.

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