Sunday, October 7, 2012

Minimally striped

A new oversized striped tee to add to my closet. At a mere S$7.50, I couldn't say no. Cheap thrills at it's best. Paired with this mesh skirt as I thought the mesh area complimented the stripes on the tee. And I apologize for the messy wet hair. I just got out of the shower and realized that the sun was going down, so I furiously tackled my hair with the hairdryer- which apparently didn't help much, and asked my brother to help me with these photos. 
Try the 3rd floor if you ever go to city plaza.

Oversized striped tee: City Plaza | Mesh skirt: BKK (can also be found on many blogshops now! Comes in white too.) | Strapped heels: Online store

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