Sunday, September 30, 2012

Urban Jungle

There has been an ongoing trend of the khaki/olive green so I decided to style this vintage skirt in olive green for a casual sunday out. The buttons featured on the sides of the skirt sold me. I was deciding what shoes to pair this ensemble with and I realized that I have a pair of untouched forest green socks in my sock drawer. Hence, the clashing of the two similar colors in different shades, which is what I really like about this outfit. AND, we have a special guest for today's post! The man behind the camera for quite a number of photos on the blog.

On me: Off white thermal; Mum's | Olive green skirt; Vintage | Forest green socks; Pasar Malam | Criss cross creepers; City plaza | Shades; H&M

On him: Floral shirt; Furrmuse | Pants; Uniqlo | Shoes; Poa

Side note: I would really really LOVE to get some comments/feedback from readers! Positive or negative, I would still really appreciate them. I want to know what can I improve on as I know I still have much to learn. Questions are also very welcomed! Drop them on the comments/formspring/twitter... Anywhere will do.
Thanks! x

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  1. you want comments arh.. hmm.. the white balance for Erman's second photo too much! Makes his face look damn blur.. haha.. too techie.. :p