Thursday, February 11, 2016


With Valentine's Day falling upon us this weekend, I thought it would be the best time to talk about my relationship - with bras. Being inspired by NYC based Lingerie company, Adore Me and seeing as my blog has fallen into a dark pit called 'ETERNAL HIATUS', I decided to revive it with this little lookbook post. So if you're interested in my views relating to sexy lingerie and Cupid's day, do continue to read on.

If you know me personally or have been on this site for awhile, you guys would know that it has almost been 4 years since my boyfriend Erman and I got together. Honestly during these almost 4 years, we've never spent a single V-day together. We made it very clear from the beginning that we did not see the point of buying into this very cliche celebration, but that being said, there are some exceptions.

I mean now I have a good enough excuse to stock up on those lacey triangle bras I only seem to wear anymore - and perhaps even hint for the COS one I've been eyeing for awhile now ;) The reason that I only ever wear soft bras anymore is for the ultimate feeling of comfort. Honestly, I stopped feeling like I need to take off my bras the moment I get home anymore because these silky suckers never have underwires that would jam into my ribcage. More often than not, I find myself falling asleep with nothing else but them because they are just that comfy.
No lie. 

My favourite places to hunt for these types of lingerie are COS, Cotton On Body, Forever 21, H&M (sometimes), and from my travels. I picked up a really dainty piece from Bamboo Blonde in Bali the other time and I LOVE it so much. You can also check out Gooseberry Intimates if you chance upon their shop in Seminyak Bali as well. 

Back to the topic of love - Ideally, this Valentine Sunday would have plenty of sunshine for us to engage in our favourite activities together. Cut the lovey-dovey crap out and head straight to the pool to chill and perhaps a nice cycle at East Coast Park with popsicles in our hands. You can follow me on Snapchat (@naomitham) to see if this plan actually follows through. Most probably we would end up snuggling up to Netflix and Chill (literally). 

Big thanks to my gorgeous friend Jovita who helped me shoot this little lookbook. 
You can check out her other amazing works on her Instagram @jovitaang!

Ending this post with HUGE XOXOs for the people who still bother to come on here. I promise you more will be coming soon. 


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