Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Day 1: Finn's Beach Club
I honestly gasped so loud when I first saw the view. To reach the beach was quite an adventure itself. We had to conquer rocky stone steps and even take an inclinator thing down to the beach bar. But it was worth it because the view from up there was simply GORGEOUS. 

I think you pay for a standard cover charge and it includes some points to redeem for food/drinks as well, which I felt was very worth the money. You can chill by the beach, or have some food at the restaurant beside it, or swim in the infinity pool that overlooks the Indian Ocean. Erman and I loved it there so much we could spend all day there. 

Tip: Early bird catches the worm. They have a max capacity and the umbrella spots are always filled up. We had to run to grab an umbrella spot.
Jimbaran Beach Seafood Dinner - Highly recommend to head there early to catch the sunset!

Area of stay: Seminyak Lagoon Hotel, Bali 

We realised that if you are only interested in going to tourist-y locations, then stay in the Uluwatu area. It took us quite a bit of travelling time to head to Finn's Beach Club, which is also near Uluwatu Beach, Padang Padang Beach and Ayana Rock Bar (just to name a few). Seminyak area is good for shopping as the hotel we stayed at was a mere 10mins taxi ride to Seminyak Square. 

Day 2: Shopping & Padang Padang Beach

Over-rated beach? It was a really tiny area, and was filled with people everywhere. Lovely sunset viewing point though. 

 Day 3: Potato Head Beach Club & Sea Circus for Tea Break

Potato Head was filled to the brim. There was barely anywhere for us to sit and chill. We had to wait for a seat to the restaurant, the pool was mad crowded and hence, we didn't take any photos in there at all. It may be due to the fact that there isn't a cover charge. 

Anyway, we went out of Potato Head, towards the beach, where there was this one guy running his business of providing umbrellas and beds for a pretty cheap price. So we opted for that instead. After the crowd cleared a little bit, we went back in for a dip in the pool but it was nothing really special about that. 

Anyway, Sea Circus is this really cute café decorated with pastels and funky art everywhere. Do try it out if you can. Also, we dined at Ultimo in Seminyak Square area (highly recommended) on the 2nd night which was fantastic considering the price. Roughly SGD30 for a glass of wine, salad, soup, main (we both got the steak) and dessert. That's pretty insane. Thumbs up. 

End photo diary.

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