Tuesday, October 7, 2014


(The Editor's Market dress and leopard kimono, Fossil watch, Geode necklace from Chicago's Field Museum, Quartz ring from Asymmtrcl.com)

Photos by Erman Lim

Pre-dinner hunger pangs and sweat inducing staircase activity rectified with mocha frappes. A shoot at dusk with a flowy witchy kimono and geode accessories seemed eerily appropriate. Furthermore, Halloween is approaching. *cue evil laugh*

It's been a while since my return from the United States. Severely missing the weather back in Chicago. Since when did it become so hot in Singapore? I seriously can't recall. As a person who doesn't sweat very much, one layer of clothing was enough for me to put my hands up in defeat against the weather. Now the simple idea of draping a kimono is quite horrific.

Well, I guess with all the Chicago talk, I better get started on the photo diaries. Yes, plural form is needed. And also hopefully a new playlist!

Have a great week everyone. 

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