Sunday, October 12, 2014


Currently heavily blinking my eyes to stop myself from falling asleep before I finish this post.

It is now 3:44am, and I just fulfilled my need to re-read, for the tenth time, old archives of Which then led to this insane desire for me to blog about random things at this hour. All the pictures here, un-edited and very raw. Things from around my room, let me know if you have questions.

 I know I have promised to upload a Chicago diary and a new playlist blah blah, but I have just been too caught up with a lot of things.

Hmm, lets start with my new job! So, I got chosen to be part of this Assistant Stylist programme for Topshop. I am still in part one of the training and still got lots to learn about working in retail. Very excited and honoured to be part of this programme because there were only 10 of us chosen from like 200+ people?! Also hopefully this would be a stepping stone for me to embark on my fashion headed journey. I don't really know what the future holds, but I guess it's best to just live in the now. #lifeadvice

Also, my friends and I are obsessed with Thai discos at the moment. So I've spent quite a number of nights with them there, laughing and goofing off with new Thai friends that I never knew I needed. Performances there are so extremely hilarious and super entertaining to watch and sloppily sing/dance along to. And this means I also spend most mornings catching up on sleep, hence no blog posts...

One more week left with my holidays and I'm kinda bummed yet happy about it. For one, it means I have to start doing actual work instead of watching Modern Family. Having to juggle work and school is going to be no easy feat considering this is my final semester in my poly life. But hopefully I will get to churn out more consistent blog posts during free periods. I really hope to get my stride back. 
I'm actually also really excited to get back to school because I think it's time to get my lazy ass off my addictive bed spreads and start being productive again. God knows I need that. 

Anyway, to my lovely readers who are mostly my friends who read this stupid blog, I hope you'll have a lovely week ahead. X

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