Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 (Mother gifted lace top, Dorothy Perkins leather skirt, Charles&Keith boots, furry bag from Taobao, Forever21 cuff bracelet)

Photos by Fiona Loh and Rebecca Yang

The long overdue post is finally here and for this, we travel back a month where the girls and I decided to have a nice brunch (or rather lunner/dinch at 3pm) at Riders Cafe - Bukit Timah Saddle Club. The place is rather obscure so it's recommended that you cab or drive. Food is great, view is amazing, one of my go to meal spots now. Find out more (how to get there etc...) here

And as you can tell, the scenic place caused a high level of camera clicking and picture selecting. I apologize for the photo vomit. But seriously though, Singapore surprises me every now and then, keeping this gorgeous place such a hidden treasure, waiting for people to discover. Definitely a squeal inducing place. (Yes, I'm talking about you Sha.) 

Anyway, thank you to my lovely girls who didn't fail to surprise me, and bringing me so much joy with your crazy antics with reference to recording "music videos" in the middle of a field, dropping the pepper shaker literally 1cm away from its death, freaking out over horses approaching, almost getting bit by a horse, taking pretentious girl band album cover shots, drawing me a picture of my supposed present because it was out of stock and just being your goofy selves in general. 

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