Sunday, November 17, 2013


(Zara lingerie slipdress, blazer from Bangkok, Perlini Silver bracelet and necklace, taobao boots)

Photos by Erman

Taken at river safari, where Erman took me for my birthday. So in love with the manatee exhibit that I refused to leave and just lingered there watching the manatees swim with their young in the huge Little Mermaid reminiscent aquarium. It was so magical I can't even begin to describe. Needless to say, I'm a huge sucker for marine mammals. 
Went for a scuba diver colour palette (for good measure) with this Zara number that I love. Can't get enough of sleepwear as legit out-of-the-apartment wear. And also, the boots are one of my several purchases from Taobao and they are insanely comfortable with cutouts and silver buckles all at where I want them to be. And you know I can't turn down (faux) croc leather. Too good a texture to pass up. 

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