Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 (The Editor's Market slip dress, vintage handmade jacket, Nike sneakers, random fold over sling, Lovisa circle necklace, Forever21 cuff)

Photos by Erman

Taken quite awhile back, when I still had hair below my collarbones. I think the St. Andrews Cathedral is one of the tourist hotspots in Singapore because I always see tourists flocking the area with photography equipment. Kinda makes me one too now I guess. Almost wanted to sneak in to take blog shots, but didn't really feel like getting kicked out that day so the gate will have to do for now. 

Do you like my new sneakers? Finally some flat shoes for a change huh! Obsessed with how comfortable they are that I have already ordered some more flat boots on the way. Yay to being closer to the ground? But my love for heels will never die. You'll know what I mean when you see my new 5" leopard boots from Forever21. *cue sheepish laughter..*

Also, I cannot stop wearing outerwear currently. Just feel like they shape an outfit better and bring more character into clothes, like that makes any sense. Just in time for the "colder" season. 
However, no such luck in Singapore to fully utilise outerwear. Gosh how I wish I were in Japan for winter, typhoons ain't gonna stop me.

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