Thursday, August 8, 2013


(DIY lace top from Bugis Street, ASOS curve hem shorts, H&M lace kimono, boots from random shop in Taipei)

Photos by Rebecca

I do realise that I have not been blogging for a few weeks now, so sorry for the long hiatus. But I'm back! With posts lined up and days free to squeeze in some blogging time, so watch this space. 

Taken so long ago... I kinda forgot that day's proceedings. I think we had an hour break before the next lecture started so my girls and I went loitering around campus grounds. It was a relatively sunny day if I remember right, but clearly not evident in these shots, for some reason. 

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you should know that I got rid of my blonde-y ends for real. My locks are currently a dark chocolately colour and I'm loving them, i think. I miss my blonde every now and then but the time was right for a change. Got them done at Toni & Guy, thanks to Raymond who did an amazing job and gave the best head massage ever. 

And and I am finally done with school assignments now! So excited to take a long deserved break and start studying for my papers. It's been a tough two weeks, juggling all my projects and dealing with certain people that made everything so much worse. And more dramatic than it actually was. Sigh... Okay, I better stop ruining your mood. 

Time for a day to spend in a nice well-lit cafe, reading magazines or a good book and watch people walk by. Sounds deliriously dreamy.