Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 (The Editor's Market velvet tee, Zara inspired skorts, Charles & Keith boots, GUESS watch, Forever 21 necklace)

Photos by Rebecca

Been extremely busy lately, or extremely lazy, I gave school a miss today. And here you have what I wore on Monday, and the post coming out on Thursday.. See, under special skills = extreme procrastinator. 

Finally gave in to the Zara short bandwagon when I saw the replicas for SGD$11 on taobao. That website is a goldmine. Now I'm thinking of going for the white... Should I? By the way, if anyone wants the link, please leave a comment or ask me on!

I always seem like I'm taking my school outfit photos at this particular place huh? I guess it kinda pleases me to imagine some sort of psychedelic oil slick type design on the floor. It's already halfway there, no? Maybe I should complete the job. 

Okay, now back to writing other things that are so much less fun than my blog. 

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