Thursday, July 4, 2013


Long overdue photos from PS Cafe at Dempsey Hill. Went to celebrate Rebecca's birthday there, with the initial plan to have it at The Dempsey Brasserie but upon learning that it had been closed for 2 months, we decided to go to roadhouse instead. BUT it was closed because of a food tasting session. Then we had to walk all the way down this long winding dusty road (braving the haze by the way), and realised halfway that we should have stopped way earlier. So U-turn and walk back it was. 
But I guess it all worked out, because PS cafe was such a tranquil little place that was surrounded by lush scenery. Very Edward Cullen's house-ish. And the food was quite good, but I don't recommend the fish and chips. At all. No fillet should have bones in them, don't you think?
Highly recommend the black out chocolate cake. It's worth the rave in my opinion. 

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